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Gather around folks, a new era of extreme incest porn is here, and its central place is on, so don't miss the chance to grab your membership!
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The porn world has evolved, and every day, we come across new performers and new kinds of stories. One of those, and it became popular in the last couple of years, is incest porn. Dads are wishing to fuck their daughters, moms desiring to take their boys' V card, and everything in between.
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Now I should probably start talking about the videos first since there are rarely guys who only march the penguin (who gets it, gets it) to the images. The videos are all in HQ and downloadable, so you don't have to worry if you download them first, even if there is no internet connection. The site currently has forty-six videos, and what you get at the beginning is a small preview that usually lasts about a minute and a half to two minutes, and during that time, you can observe the kind of scenes, girls, angles, and stories that this place contains. If you like what you saw, you can also visit the photos section and check out the thumbnails that you get for free, and they are all amazing. When you buy the membership, you can click on those thumbnails to open full galleries of images shot on the set during the hardcore process of connecting the rod with the fishes, or before that, when everything is clean, courteous and non-sweaty. If you want to see the full list of the models that are working there, you can also do that, and you will see that the site works not only with teens but also young adults and bombastic MILF's, such as Alexis Fawx, who I'm sure you all know by now. Boyish years, am I right? At least for the younger audience. Now that we got all of that out of our way, we can talk money. There are three kinds of memberships that differ only in the time you can spend as a member of this beautiful place. Because the site is lacking in quantity, I can recommend only the first two, which are one month ($29) and the four months one ($85), because I think that $199 for forty-six videos (and the site doesn't exist for like a year, no, it's been up since 2017) are a rip off, but that's okay, since you choose what membership will you purchase.


Navigation is pretty easy, and you need about ten seconds to learn how to use it. You have like four or five buttons that have the same name as the type of shit you want to see, and it doesn't take much to get there either. So take your prick out and browse with no worries my friend, the Orgasm-land is just around the corner.


No extras, which is, in my opinion, rude. If you're already spitting around $90 or $100, the least that they could give you is some extras, or maybe access to another that has more content. If they already want to be slow with the updates, then combine a couple of sites and make up for it.


To finish this ramble session, the site is good, the content is good, its quality is impressive, the girls are out of this world, but if they want to make you buy the membership that is the priciest and the longest, then they should definitely put some more effort into it and make it grow, because even with all these perks, those two or three lousy business moves might make you change your mind before you actually invest any earnest money.

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